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About Jeffrey D. Mehr, M.A.

Jeffrey D. Mehr, M.A.

As part of the LivingDance~LivingMusic™ experience, Jeffrey D. Mehr, M.A., creates immediate, new music using keyboards, harmonicas, and synthesizers. He has played music since he was four, has practiced LivingDance for more than ten years, and he has developed LivingMusic, a budding technique of improvisational playing that grows out of the LivingDance process. His LivingMusic evolves during the LivingDance process, supporting exploration, discovery, and immediate feedback.

Mr. Mehr has studied a variety of musical instruments, including piano, cello, saxophone, bassoon, harmonicas, and guitar. He holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and he has practiced Taijiquan for more than twenty years. Music and martial arts together give him the sensitive listening/responding skills which enable LivingMusic to take shape as part of the process of LivingDance~LivingMusic.

As one participant wrote: "The live music was wonderful. It seemed to give permission to express myself."

Mr. Mehr also has been controller of Kinections since its establishment in 1984.