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LivingDance~LivingMusic™ in Rochester, NY

Next hybrid on-line/in-class program for the Alternate Route to Certification in Dance/Movement Therapy begins February 13, 2014. Applications due no later than January 18, 2014. See our latest ad!

Write to kinectionsinfo@kinections.com for your application.

Kinections provides clinical, educational, and creative services in dance/movement therapy and counseling. Dr. Danielle L. Fraenkel founded Kinections in 1984 to bring dance/movement therapy to people struggling with eating disorders, depression, creative blocks, relationship problems and negative responses to stress.

LivingDance~LivingMusic™, Dr. Fraenkel's unique approach to dance/movement therapy frees people to address the spectrum of concerns — from problems that interfere with daily living to the wish to grow and self-actualize.

Call Kinections at 585-473-5050 or email us!

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Wow!!! What a wonderful experience it was taking your DMT 1 class. It was so enlightening. Thank you again for being so understanding. I can't wait to take more classes at Kinections.

M.L., Kinections Student

Clinical Services

Clinical services include dance/movement therapy, LivingDance~LivingMusic, and counseling, for individuals, couples, families, and groups.

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Educational Opportunities

Coming up on the Kinections Calendar

Classes at Kinections in Imagine Square, Rochester, New York's Neighborhood of the Arts

Dance/Movement Therapy Theory and Practice I—Hybrid Class Combining Video Conferencing and In-Class Meetings begins February 13, 2014. In-class in Rochester, New York, June 9-13

Dance/Movement Therapy Theory and Practice II—Hybrid Class Combining Video Conferencing and In-Class Meetings begins March 5, 2014. In-class in Rochester, New York, July 21-25

"Living legends," Bill Evans and Elissa White are teaching at Kinections this summer. Accepting registration for their courses and all the courses we are offering this summer. Step One: Ask for an application.

View all calendar information by checking out our DMT Course Calendar and at our LivingDance™ Calendar .

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