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LivingDance~LivingMusic™ in Santa Ana, Costa Rica

Keeping Your Shape in Shifting Times

Friday, March 13, 2009 – Sunday, March 15, 2009
9:00 am - 5:00 pm each day
Three days of dancing together with people from all over!


Beach in Costa Rica


Pack Animals on the Beach Participants from all walks of life benefit from LivingDance, both personally and professionally. LivingDance generates body confidence, the freedom to relate to others without worrying about what people think, and the excitement of moving expressively. You do not need dance training, talent, or athletic prowess to achieve these goals. All you need is the willingness to experiment with breath, muscle connection, shape, and pulse - natural elements of dance and movement. These relate to how we feel and how we function.

What happens in the workshop?

Taking a break in Costa Rica LivingDance~LivingMusic often begins with sensing the pulse. You learn how to "put your mind in your feet." and to experience dance movement from a new perspective—one that you were probably connected to before school and other societal demands interfered. Although no one is required to dance, personal movement evolves naturally. Kinesthetic sensing, Somato Respiratory Integration™, creative dance, improvisation, and the discipline of authentic movement provide stepping stones that lead to personal, transpersonal, and creative expression. LivingMusic reinforces the process.

As the week progresses, you become more and more comfortable with the new techniques, mastering ways to connect and empower yourself. Through dance movement and music you build a foundation for self-assurance, autonomy, and even intimacy.

When you work individually, LivingDance awakens your sensations and emotions, strengthens your ability to be fully present, and often enhances your capacity to project self-confidence. When we work as a group, LivingDance helps to discard the internal judge that criticizes and censors. You work instead to build a sense of personal and interpersonal comfort—one that fosters the freedom "to be."

Who are Danielle Fraenkel and Jeffrey Mehr?

Danielle Fraenkel Dr. Danielle Fraenkel, a dance/movement therapist for more than three decades, is the director of Kinections and the creator of LivingDance. She developed LivingDance working with people who had eating disorders, but recognized, almost immediately, its potential to benefit virtually everyone. Jeffrey Mehr has played piano since he was four and practiced Taijiquan for more then twenty years. Seven years ago, he discovered the art of LivingMusic while participating in a LivingDance workshop at the Ouranos Club in Corfu.

What is LivingMusic?

Jeff Mehr LivingMusic is a developing technique of improvisational playing that grows out of and feeds back to the LivingDance process. It fosters exploration and discovery. As one dancer wrote: "The live music was wonderful. It seemed to give permission to express myself."

Always fresh, LivingMusic emerges from the same kind of breathing and creative connecting work in which the participants in LivingDance engage. As the work unfolds within and around the musician, the movement travels through the music maker, powering the playing, enlivening the music, and keeping it in touch with the dancers.

How long is the experience?

The group meets for seven (7) hours a day.

Where in Costa Rica?

Dani in Costa Rica We will be in Santa Ana, 13 kilometers or less than 10 miles from San Jose. Read about Santa Ana at Go Visit Costa Rica and at Santa Ana / Costa Rica.

We will be dancing and making music at Back Stage Dance Studio.

Lodging and breakfast at Hotel Villa Los Candiles. Contact Lourdes (Lula) Madrigal, MA, R_DMT to arrange your lodging at the hotel. She will also help you make your “before or after the workshop” travel and lodging arrangements in Costa Rica. Email Lourdes Madrigal.

Your Investment

Alternate Route2 credits/30 hours$675.00
Alternate Route1 credit/21 hours$475.00
Continuing education21 CE clock hours$350.00
Non credit---$315.00

(Your investment does not include flight, hotel fee, or travel and lodging before or after workshop)

Credentialing in Dance/Movement Therapy

Individuals pursuing credentialing in dance/movement therapy via the alternate route may get get 1or 2 credits towards the 18 required credits of required course work in the theory and practice of dance/movement therapy. Students who wish to receive 2 credits will participate in additional on-line or conference telephone meetings.

Continuing Education

National Certified Counselors and music therapists will earn 21 continuing education clock hours.

Registration Process:

  1. Contact Kinections: Email us
  2. Complete the Registration Form we send you and return it electronically as soon as possible.
  3. Send us your check or money order payable to Kinections no later than March 6, 2009.
  4. Contact Ms. Madrigal: lulamadrigal@yahoo.com — tell her what kind of housing you want at Hotel Villa Los Candiles.
  5. If you want help planning your vacation before or after the workshop. Lula is ready to make arrangements for you. There is lots to see and do in Costa Rica. Lula can help you decide where to go in Costa Rica, how to get there, and where to stay.