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LivingDance~LivingMusic™ in Corfu, Greece

June 28, 2014 - July 12, 2014 -- Download the brochure!

LivingDance~LivingMusic generates body confidence, provides the freedom to relate to others without worrying about what they think, and brings the value of moving expressively to everyone.

You do not need dance training, talent, or athletic prowess to achieve these goals. All you need is time and the willingness to experiment with the natural elements of dance and movement innate in you, whatever your experience and career.

This week offers a chance to learn the skills in depth at the Ouranos Club, an established wellness center on the Greek island of Corfu.

You may also arrange to spend more than a week at the club on your own. The Ouranos Club offers single classes in tai chi, meditation, and painting. Based on interest, the proprietors will organize bus trips, boat trips, horse back riding, and guided hikes.

What is LivingDance™?

LivingDance often begins by sensing the pulse (the repeating “one” in the music). You learn how to "put your mind in your feet."

Although you are not required to dance, movement evolves naturally. You work with breath, muscle connectivity, and shape, using kinesthetic sensing, creative dance, improvisation, witnessing, and Dr. Donald Epstein's Somato Respiratory Integration™ (SRI). LivingMusic reinforces the process.

As the week progresses, you discover a spectrum of ways to connect to yourself and reclaim your power. A kinesthetic sense of boundaries emerges—one that can provide a foundation for self-assurance, autonomy, and intimacy.

With time, you can move beyond your comfortzone to focus on the parts of yourself that call for more attention. You can experience variations in your breath and discover new ways to embody your feelings. By attending more closely to muscle connectivity and shape, you can learn to move with purpose, valuing both intuition and initiative.

When you work individually, LivingDance awakens sensations and emotions, strengthens the ability to be fully present, and—more often than not—enhances the capacity to project self-confidence.

When you work as part of a group, LivingDance helps you to discard the internal judge that criticizes and censors. You work instead to build a sense of personal and interpersonal comfort—one that fosters "the freedom to be."

What is LivingMusic™?

LivingMusic is a developing technique of improvisational playing that grows out of and feeds back to the LivingDance process. It fosters exploration and discovery. As one dancer wrote: "The live music was wonderful. It seemed to give permission to express myself."

Always fresh, LivingMusic emerges from the same kind of breathing and creative connecting work in which the participants in LivingDance engage. Attendees will learn to extend their discoveries in LivingDance to move freely among dancing, witnessing, and joining in the LivingMusic ensemble.

As the work unfolds within and around the musicians, the movement travels through the music-makers, powering the playing, enlivening the music, and keeping it in touch with the dancers.

Bring your own instrument to experience LivingMusic at an especially personal level.

Who facilitates LivingDance™?

Danielle L. Fraenkel, Ph.D., BC-DMT, NCC, LCAT, LMHC, CGP, director of Kinections, creator of LivingDance, and dance/movement therapist for The Healing Connection, a program for adolescents and adults struggling with eating disorders, facilitates LivingDance~LivingMusic workshops nationally and internationally.

Dr. Fraenkel teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in dance/movement therapy and counseling at St. John Fisher College, The University of Rochester, and Kinections. This will be her fourteenth workshop at the Ouranos Club.

Who facilitates LivingMusic™?

Jeffrey Mehr, M.A., has played music since he was four and has practiced LivingDance for more than fifteen years. His LivingMusic is real-time witnessing powered by the dancers, and it evolves on keyboards, harmonicas, and synthesizers during LivingDance. He facilitates the LivingMusic process as it develops among the group members.

Who comes to the workshop?

You will meet people from different parts of the world. Dancing with people from diverse backgrounds offers a rare opportunity.

Dr. Fraenkel and Mr. Mehr are from the United States. To get the most out of the workshop, you must know enough English to understand them and to be sure that others understand you.

How long is the program?

The group meets for 3–5 hours a day. If you are pursuing credit towards certification in dance/movement therapy or continuing education you may meet at additional times with Dr. Fraenkel. We will schedule these extra meeting times together.

What is a day like?

8:30 a.m.–10:00 a.m.
Breakfast (a tasty buffet of fresh fruit, hearty fresh-baked bread, cheese, fresh vegetables, juice, muesli, yogurt, coffee, mountain tea, and more.) Breakfast with the mountains behind you, looking out at the sea.

10:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.

1:00 p.m.–7:30 p.m.
Playtime (beach, water sports, mountains, history, culture, shopping)—lots to have fun with and discover.

Those taking the workshop for credit meet as needed, usually between 1:15 and 2:45 pm. You won't starve. Healthy snacks and beverages are available.

7:30 p.m.–9:00 p.m.
Dinner (a buffet that includes an amazing surprise of culinary delights)—you can discuss your dietary preferences with the cooks.

9:00 p.m.–10:30 p.m.

10:30 p.m.–
Dancing with our local friends and other fun.

Certification in Dance/Movement Therapy & Continuing Education

If you are pursuing the R–DMT via the alternate route, you will receive assignments in advance. You may earn 2 or 3 credits.

If you are board-certified in a helping service (e.g., BC–DMT, NCC, NCMHC), you will earn 24–30 hours of continuing education clock hours.

Costs & Registration

Your investment includes an apartment with a view, two meals daily, and six days of LivingDance~LivingMusic. Also included is ground travel between the Ouranos Club and the Corfu/Kerkya airport. It does not include the cost of flights.

Contact us for rates. Friends or family members who do not wish to take the course may join us at a reduced rate. There may be a small fee for the use of the Ouranos Club's other facilities, and an additional fee depending on the lodging that you select.

For comparable creative opportunities, accommodations, and meals, you could easily pay twice as much!

Room & Board

Your basic apartment at the Ouranos Club has a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, and two bedrooms which you share with others. If you prefer, a range of private apartments are also available.

In ten minutes or less, you can walk down the hills to a sandy beach along the Ionian Sea. The dance studio and dining area nestle among the olive trees, orange groves, cacti, and hibiscus plants.

The dining area is perfectly located for watching magnificent sunsets as you eat dessert. Corfu is known for its magical lighting.

The cuisine for breakfast and dinner is vegetarian Greek-French-Swiss. Our chef and kitchen staff love to dance too.

If you feel the need for a lunch, tasty Greek food and most other varieties are available at local restaurants and groceries, all within walking distance.

Flight Information

Our travel agent is available to help you make arrangements. More information when you contact us.

You can find charter flights to Athens from many cities in the USA and Canada. Olympic Airlines and Aegean fly between Athens and Corfu. You can also fly directly to Corfu from British and German airports including London and Frankfurt, and from other European countries.

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