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Kinections Accessibility Statement:

Kinections® has a strong commitment to accessibility issues. These pages have been designed to be as usable and accessible as possible. If you have any accessibility questions, comments, or suggestions for improvement, please contact the designer.

Access Keys:

Access keys are available for all main navigation as an alternative selection method. To access a particular page, use the appropriate combination of key strokes for your operating system.

All pages on this site include the following access keys:

Access Key Web Page or Section
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q FAQ's
c Calendar
f About Danielle Fraenkel
m About Jeffrey Mehr
k About Kinections
i Our Faculty
w Contact Us
a Alternate Route to Credentialing
r Alternate Curriculum
4 LivingDance~LivingMusic in Corfu, Greece
5 LivingDance~LivingMusic in Costa Rica
b Living Blog
6 Continuing Education
7 Course Description
8 Fees & Registrations
9 Credit Card Payment
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In addition to these access keys, a logical order has been established for the use of the tab key through the page links.

All pages on Kinections.com utilize the same layout. The content appears in the code starting with the navigation, followed by the main content and the footer. Links are provided for non-visual browsers to skip to the main content. The access key for this link is "1".